buffing tips

Note: Before you get started if you are using a wool pad mist with water so pad is damp, then rub several times to remove lint. Repeat.

Choose a professional variable speed buffer with a way of changing the maximum speed. Set the buffer for the speed recommended by the manufacturer of the compound or polish you are using. When buffing, it is a good idea to keep the cord over your shoulder so it does not get in your way. First, apply a small amount of the compound or polish to the pad and surface. Then with the buffer turned off, spread compound or polish over the area you will be buffing. This will prevent the compound or polish from splattering over other areas.

You are now ready to turn the buffer on and begin. We recommend buffing an area no larger than two square feet at a time. Use a back and forth motion. Do not use a circular motion. Overlap each pass by 50%. Keep buffer as flat as possible. Do not let product become dry or it will cause heat that may burn the paint. When the panel begins to shine move to the next area. When you have finished applying product, remove the excess film with a clean soft polishing cloth.

As a final step, you may apply a high quality wax only if this is an oem finish. If the area has been repainted you can not use wax for 30 to 45 days. In this case use a hand glaze to get that swirl-free high gloss look.

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