how to store paint properly

Spraycans will last indefinitely on the shelf, however be sure to shake the can well before using it again. After use be sure to turn the can upside down and spray till only clear gas comes out. This means that the nozzle and tube inside are clean and will prevent clogging. Store in a cool, dry place away from flames, heat sources and where there is a chance it will freeze.

2oz Touch-up Bottles will dry up if not used for 6 months or so. It is recommended that the touch-up bottles are used only if you plan on using the paint for small rock chips as well as spraying out of an airbrush. If not then the Paint World Paint Pen is recommended.

PaintWorld Paint Pens are designed to never dry out. They're designed to be able to be re-wetted by pressing the tip down and allowing paint to flow again.

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