clear coat blender - what it is and how to use it

Recently, there's been quite a buzz in the automotive paint world surrounding the use of Clear Coat Blender. This new and innovative product is turning some heads and has quickly become one of the hottest sellers on So, what exactly does it do?

After applying clear coat to a repaired or refinished area of a car, you're often likely to see a faint halo surrounding the outside edges of the repair. This halo represents the area where the new finish and old paint come together, and until now it has been somewhat unavoidable. That's where the blender comes in. Used in conjunction with the clear, blender can help to create a more seamless, invisible repair - literally "blending" the old and new paints together.

Simply apply your clear coat in the normal fashion and while the final coat is still wet, mist the blender around the outside edges of the repair. As it dries, the blender will begin to "melt" the repaired edges into your cars existing paint, leaving you with a spotless finish that looks like new.

Best of all, the blender also works on single stage paints, which do not require clear coat. This is great news for anyone refinishing or repairing the paint of a vehicle older than 1997.

To find out more information, or if you need assistance on your particular automotive paint project, contact the knowledgeable team at

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