all touch up paints are not the same. some things you should know...

High quality paint and clear coat will not need to be buffed, polished, or sanded after they're sprayed unless they are applied improperly.

Good paint and clear do not need flex additives mixed in for use on plastic. Instead, flexible primer is used under the already high quality flexible paint, which adds flex to the foundation of the coating where it's actually needed. Paints that are flexible and do not require flex additives are much more chip resistant.

Good paint is always used with primer as an undercoating. This provides a stable foundation for the paint and actually increases coverage. This is especially true when painting over black plastic. Using grey primer underneath achieves hiding faster resulting in less paint usage. Inferior paints require the use of adhesion promoters which help the paint stick to the plastic in the absence of a properly primed surface. Steer clear of paints that require adhesion promoters. Good paints do NOT require it.

High quality urethanes and enamels are good paint. Lacquer and Dupli-Color are NOT good paints.

Lacquer and Dupli-Color require buffing to achieve gloss whereas quality urethanes and enamels do not.

Lacquer requires you to sand between coats of paint, and will require 5 - 7 coats to achieve hiding because you're sanding between coats. In addition, lacquer paints are notoriously brittle.

Lacquer was discontinued by DuPont around 2004 because it is an inferior coating. Lacquer does not meet the higher standards required for paints in the automotive industry today.

High quality urethane and enamel paints are actually easier to apply than lacquer based paints. They are also more forgiving to the user.

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